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Hannah Baker was born and raised in the sunniest place in the country, Orange County, California. She grew up as an only child and quickly became bored of her imaginary friends. This led her down two roads: she threw herself into her eduction as the quiet, smart girl, but found her voice by performing onstage. 

She has been called a “strong” woman but is really passionate about what makes her strong. Yeah, she looks like a tough, athletic bad-ass, but she truly relates to  characters who carry the world on those shoulders or have to become masters of manipulation in order to survive. Hannah wants to redefine the strong woman. 

She also loves to work collaboratively to create unique and exciting content. She was the one in school always squeezing in as much as she could into her brain. Whether that was producing new student works, actively learning about the collaborative process through stage management classes, or completing her double major in English, she wanted to do it all. All of these wonderful projects led her to discover her self worth as a woman and artist- Hannah wants to actively play and create rich and robust roles for women like herself.


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